Quality and Certification

Our products’ quality is acknowledged by our internal and external customers. Psapet excels in the production of aeronautical parts and components. In a modern economic system, implementing and maintaining a quality policy at a company’s level, leads to the successful accomplishment of the targeted quality objectives. In our company, the quality control is performed in order to verify if its own quality management system is working properly and constantly meets the requirements prescribed in standards.

The company’s policy on quality

PSAPET company’s management is fully aware of its success which consists in ensuring the quality of its products so that they fully meet the requirements and expectations of its customers and of all interested parties. At the same time, the company’s management intends that the quality policy should meet the following requirements:
•to be fit for the purpose and the mission of the organization;
•to support the commitment to meet the customers’ requirements and to continuously improve the effectiveness of QMS (Quality Management System);
•to provide a general context for determining the quality’s objectives of the organization’s departments;
•to be communi